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Local Data Recovery Services in Daytona Beach

Data loss does not have to be permanent. Data Analyzers Data Recovery Daytona Beach will provide you with the fastest, safest, and most reliable service in the industry. Utilizing the latest and most advanced data recovery techniques our engineers are capable of retrieving your data safely, quickly, and affordably.
Located near Daytona Beach, Florida, Data Analyzers is providing Data Recovery and Hard Drive recovery services to Daytona and its surrounding areas including Deltona and Deland.

Data lost? Data Analyzers Daytona Beach can help!

Our main data recovery lab with onsite class 100 cleanroom is only minutes from the beautiful city Daytona Beach. You can rely on our data recovery engineers to recover your data quickly and in the most efficient ways. All data are treated in confidential manner and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Many individuals and businesses in Daytona Beach are using Data Analyzers for simple and complex data recovery cases, and so should you! Our headquarters and main lab is located in central Florida and easily accessible from Interstate four (I-4). Our secured facility is the hub of our date recovery operation. There is no laboratory in Florida that compares to the state of the art data recovery center of Data Analyzers. In addition to the central Florida lab right in the suburbs of Orlando FL, Data Analyzers also maintains strategic data recovery receiving centers through the entire state of Florida.

Experienced Data Recovery Service Provider In Florida

Our Recovery Engineers are capable of performing data recovery from all common media failures including: damaged hard drives, damaged jump drives, USB Drives, SD cards, Compact flash, Jump drives, floppy disks, CD/DVD’s, LTO Tapes, DTL Tapes, Dell Servers, HP Servers, IBM Servers or common operating systems which include :Windows XP, Windows Vista, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Unix, Solaris and Apple Mac OS X 10, Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server Recovery, and data recovery from all common RAID sets including: RAID-0, RAID-1, and RAID-5

Our specialized data recovery tools also include:
  • Firmware repair systems and utilities
  • Exclusive file/file system repair programs
  • Specialized tools for hard drive part replacement, repair, and diagnostics
  • Number of security certifications

When Your Digital Storage Device Fails

Any data storage device can fail. More important is that your device may sustain additional damage when operating in a failed state! Improve your chances of a successful recovery and shut down any data storage device that displays symptoms of a failure and contact our office to get recommendations and a free quote!

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    Questions and Answers

    Where are you located?

    Data Analyzers is the only in-lab data recovery service in Central Florida. This is not a remote location!

    How does the process work?

    Please follow our easy four step process to get started.

    • Contact Data Analyzers online or call (386) 888-5657;
    • Drop off/Ship your device to our cleanroom lab just north of Orlando;
    • Our engineers will perform diagnostics and evaluation of your media;
    • We offer FREE analysis and No Data No Recovery Fee policy.
    • Payment for recovery services is only required upon success;
    • Analysis results and exact pricing for recovery is provided once analysis is completed;
    • Once successfully recovered, your data will be returned on a new host drive.

    Can data be recovered after formatting?

    In most cases YES! It Is important to immediately remove the formatted drive to prevent the writing of any new data which could overwrite the original, formatted data.

    What is the cost to recover data?

    Data Analyzers Data Recovery can help you to recover data from almost any data storage device. Cost of data recovery service is based on:

    • Type of the data storage device
    • Device storage capacity
    • Symptoms of the device
    • Quantity & configuration
    • Parts
    • Previous recovery attempts
    • Required service option
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    PHONE: (386) 777-2602


    • Monday 9AM–6PM
    • Tuesday 9AM–6PM
    • Wednesday 9AM–6PM
    • Thursday 9AM–6PM
    • Friday 9AM–6PM
    • Saturday Closed – Emergency Calls Only
    • Sunday Call

    Location info: In your area we may also have Authorized Partner that is fully staffed with professional and customer service focused receptionists and trained in administrative process of data recovery, which includes assisting you with any questions you may have. The safest way for shipping and receiving of your failed storage device to our certified cleanroom data recovery lab is via FedEx Ship Center listed below. Ask our data recovery advisors for details.

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