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For years we have been successfully recovering data from storage devices for consumers, small business, large corporations and even Florida law enforcement agencies located in Hialeah, FL. Data loss never occurs at a convenient time and is always unexpected causing additional burdens and stress factors on your family, career or business. We understand that, and we will do everything possible to recover your family pictures, financial documents or company databases.

Data lost? Data Analyzers Data Recovery Services in Hialeah are here to help

Our Hialeah-Miami receiving center is proudly serving Opa-locka, Westview, Hialeah Gardens, Medley, West Little River, Gladeview, Brownsville and surrounding neighborhoods.

While there certainly are many companies and web pages that advertise Data Recovery Services in Hialeah, Florida; most companies are actually located out of state and require you to send your data to the mid-west or west coast. What this means to you? Supplementary cost, additional and unnecessary time delays due to several days of travel time as well as additional risk due to out of state courier delivery. Our Headquarters is in Orlando, Florida and we provide: Hard Drive Data Recovery, Data Recovery for Flash Drives, SSD and Memory Cards, RAID Repair, Data Tape Repair, Server Recovery, Data Migration, Media Conversion and more

When you have lost important data, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced data recovery company to maximize the chances of recovering all of your data instead of potentially making the situation worst. You can rely on our data recovery Hialeah engineers to retrieve your data quickly and in the most efficient ways. We take pride in the simple, hassle-free approach while all cases can receive a free media evaluation, and we never charge for our services if we cannot recover your data.

A Skillful Data Recovery Company in Florida

Ship your drive to our nearby lab and our engineers will examine it cost free and provide you with a affordable estimate. After your estimate is posted and with your approval our engineers will get to work on recovering your data using specialized recovery techniques developed over many years and with collaboration from other GDRA members. We are pride to say our engineers have one of the highest recovery success rate in the industry. Data Analyzers have No Data – No Charge policy meaning we will not charge you if no data can be retrieved. Please note in some cases non-refundable retainer is required! Your recovered data will be copied to a new external or USB drive, and shipped back to you. However, we do keep a copy of your data for ten days to ensure that you receive it successfully after which your data will be securely erased. Start now by clicking on the blue button in the top right corner and submit your case today.

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    Questions and Answers

    How does the process work?

    Please follow this four-step process to get started with your recovery.

    • Contact Data Analyzers by visiting us online or call (786) 310-0027;
    • Ship or drop off your damaged device;
    • Our engineers will perform a free analysis and evaluation of your device;
    • We will provide exact, up front pricing for your recovery once the analysis is completed;
    • Payment for recovery services is only required upon successful recovery;
    • If we cannot recover your data, there is no charge;
    • If you decline our services, there is no charge;
    • Once successfully recovered, your data will be returned on a new drive or uploaded to our server for future download;

    What is data recovery service?

    It is the service provided that recovers and restores data from a storage device due to malfunction or user error. This service is performed on all types of devices including hard drives, ssds, usb drives, and smartphones.

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    How much will my data recovery cost?

    We can help you to recover data from almost any data storage device. Cost of data recovery service is based on:

    • Type of the data storage device;
    • Symptoms of the device;
    • Device storage capacity;
    • Configuration;
    • Parts & labor;
    • Previous recovery attempts;
    • Required service option.


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    Location information: In your area we may also have Authorized Partner that is fully staffed with professional and customer service focused receptionists and trained in administrative process of data recovery, which includes assisting you with any questions you may have. The safest way for shipping and receiving of your failed storage device to our certified cleanroom data recovery lab is via FedEx Ship Center listed below. Ask our data recovery advisors for details.