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Lost data? Detroit data recovery experts at Data Analyzers are here to help you!

We receive many inquiries for data recovery services from both individual consumers and corporations from the Detroit area. Regardless if you have lost your families personal pictures and would like to recover them for sentimental reasons or if you are part of the automotive industry and have a time critical data recovery emergency, we definitely can assist you either way.

Data Recovery Detroit

Detroit is the largest, most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the seat of Wayne County. Data Analyzers is a Data Recovery leader that delivers unmatched data retrieval services to our customers in Detroit, Michigan for many years. When you need immediate assistance from reputable and qualified experts, than you have found the right company.

Our promise to you:
  • Only experienced data recovery engineers will work on your case
  • Your data will be handled with great care, confidentiality and security in mind.
  • We will utilize only the most advanced tools and hardware in the industry to attempt recovery of your data and thereby providing you with the highest chances of success.

We would like for you to take advantage of our many years of experience as an industry expert. Literally thousands of hard drives, flash drives and other storage devices have been successfully recovered in our state of the art data recovery laboratory, many of those were shipped from Michigan.

We set the standard for confidential, fast and efficient data recovery

No matter what type of data loss situation you have, we can assist you in virtually almost any situation including: electronic or pPhysical failures, fFire or water damage, file corruption, bad sectors and many more. Common day to day recovery projects for our team involve: reading raw data from a NAND chip, hard drive repair, jump drives, CD/DVD’s, LTO/DLT Tape Recovery, Tape Conversion, and Servers crashes. Data Analyzers has the expertise to rescue your data. Our electronic engineering and information technology backgrounds have allowed us to perform in-depth research on all common type of storage media. Improve your chances of a successful recovery down any data storage device that displays symptoms of a physical or logical failure and contact our office to speak with our certified professionals get recommendations and a free quote!

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    Questions and Answers

    What is data recovery service?

    It is the service provided that recovers and restores data from a storage device due to malfunction or user error. This service is performed on all types of devices including hard drives, SSDs, usb drives, and smartphones.

    What to do when my drive fails?

    When a hard drive fails it should be turned off immediately or disconnected from the computer, especially if it is making clicking or grinding noises. Further power on attempts can degrade the drive especially if it has internal mechanical failure.
    When a SSD fails it usually does not initialize nor is it seen by the computer it is plugged into. It is best to remove the device immediately and have it analyzed by a data recovery laboratory. Do not keep trying to power the device as this can cause it to further degrade.

    Can data be recovered after formatting?

    In most cases YES! It Is important to immediately remove the formatted drive to prevent the writing of any new data which could overwrite the original, formatted data.

    What is the cost to recover data?

    Data Analyzers Data Recovery can help you to recover data from almost any data storage device. Cost of data recovery service is based on:

    • Type of the data storage device
    • Device storage capacity
    • Symptoms of the device
    • Quantity & configuration
    • Parts
    • Previous recovery attempts
    • Required service option



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    Location info: In your area we may also have Authorized Partner that is fully staffed with professional and customer service focused receptionists and trained in administrative process of data recovery, which includes assisting you with any questions you may have. The safest way for shipping and receiving of your failed storage device to our certified cleanroom data recovery lab is via FedEx Ship Center listed below. Ask our data recovery advisors for details.