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There is a very specific science behind data recovery, which is why our approach is always fresh, yet industry standard. Taking that extra step to resolve an issue is important to us, even when other companies would throw in the towel. Due to that stubborn grit, our name and services are well known around the Newark, NJ and surrounding areas.

Data Recovery in Newark

Newark is the most populous city in New Jersey, the seat of Essex County and is known as one of the nation’s major air, shipping, and rail hub. Companies such as: Prudential, PSEG, Panasonic Corporation of North America,, IDT Corporation, and Manischewitz have their headquarters in Newark.

The Data Recovery Newark experts can assist you with simple and complex data retrieval needs. We don’t abuse our individual consumers with technical jargon about our terms or the state of their drive. Customers want to be talked to straight just like any other human being, and not have a representative hide behind IT language. We are clear, concise and to the point. There is no reason why our valued consumers need to worry about whether their t’s are crossed, since we were hired to ensure that very thing.

Are you a small business with a deadline to meet, and data corruption has taking you for a loop? Data Analyzers specializes in the best turnaround time in the industry, and all without taking any shortcuts with your data. Companies that take shortcuts can cause irreparable damage to your data, which is an unforgivable act. Trust in us to provide a fast, in-depth and overall complete experience.

Enterprise clients are very picky with their data, and for a reason. The very crutch of the company can rest in a few encrypted bytes. That is why we only use trained professionals that adhere to the company policy and vision. Only the best will handle your data, which is why the result will be optimal.

Media and Devices We Recover and No-Cost Evaluations

Data loss sometimes happens and you should take advantage of our free, fast media diagnostics of your data storage device and evaluation to determine exactly what data is recoverable. Evaluation usually offer several service options to fit any time frame or budget concerns while entire process is backed up by our No Recovery – No Cost policy. Our data recovery specialists are able to recover data from almost any device or media including:

  • Hard disk drives, hybrid drives and tapes
  • Mobile devices, laptops, desktops
  • RAID arrays, servers and storage controllers
  • USB thumb drives, solid-state drives, all memory cards

We offer reliable services, exceptional security, highest possible success rate and multiple turnaround options. Call our customer service team at to start your free media evaluation.

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    Questions and Answers

    How does the process work?

    Please follow this four-step process to get started with your recovery.

    • Contact Data Analyzers by visiting us online or call (866) 456-3282;
    • Ship or drop off your damaged device;
    • Our engineers will perform a free analysis and evaluation of your device;
    • Our engineers will perform diagnostics and evaluation of your media;
    • We offer FREE analysis and No Data No Recovery Fee policy.
    • Payment for recovery services is only required upon successful recovery;
    • Once successfully recovered, your data will be returned on a new drive or uploaded to our server for future download;

    What to do when data storage device fails?

    Any data storage device can fail. More important is that your device may sustain additional damage when operating in a failed state! Improve your chances of a successful recovery shut down any data storage device that displays symptoms of a failure and contact our office and speak with any of our certified professionals get recommendations and a free quote!

    What does a beeping hard drive mean?

    Hard disk drives do not normally beep. Beeping noise in a hard drive is usually related to spindle motor being malfunctioned, disabled or stuck.

    How much will my data recovery cost?

    Data Analyzers Data Recovery services can recover your data from almost any type and brand of storage device. The pricing of our data recovery services depends on:

    • Type of storage device needing recovery;
    • The device’s capacity;
    • Symptoms of the device;
    • Quantity & configuration;
    • Parts & labor;
    • Rarity and cost of replacement parts;
    • Damaged by previous recovery attempts;
    • Desired service level option.
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    • Saturday Closed – Emergency Calls Only
    • Sunday Closed

    Location info: This receiving center is an extension of our certified data recovery cleanroom labs. It is fully staffed with professional and customer service focused receptionists. They are fully trained in administrative process of data recovery, which includes answering the phone, assisting you with any questions you may have, as well as the shipping and receiving of your failed storage device to our certified cleanroom data recovery lab.