Data recovery is a process of salvaging or securing of data from failed or compromised hardware systems. Our data recovery service team consists of a multicultural engineering group including some of the brightest minds in the field from Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Through our involvement in the formation of the Global Data Recovery Alliance, we have access to over 100 years of data recovery experience online every day.

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Our specialized data recovery service tools include:

  • A Class 10/100 Cleanroom
  • Firmware repair systems and utilities
  • Exclusive file/file system repair programs
  • Specialized tools for hard drive part replacement, repair, and diagnostics
  • Number of security certifications

We offer reliable services, exceptional security, highest possible success rate and multiple turnaround options.

We understand that your data is private and that you may have concerns about others viewing your data. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we guarantee to keep your data 100% confidential. As we also perform computer forensic investigations, in which the evidence often has to be presented in court, therefore we have to ensure extra precautions for security, to limited accessibility and ensure confidentiality.

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We proudly service a wide range of data storage devices including hard drives, servers, RAID arrays and more. Your device is not listed ?

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