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Dell Equal Logic

Data Analyzers has one of the most sophisticated labs for Dell EqualLogic SAN data recovery. If your EqualLogic SAN such as the PS6500 or the PS4110 has failed either because of physical failure of hard drives(s) or because of human error. Rest assured that Data Analyzers is hear to assist you in the process of salvaging your data. Our SAN Data Recovery Engineers have accumulated a vast amount of experience salvaging data from Dell EqualLogic SAN storage arrays including all modules such as the PS6100, PS6110, PS4100, PS4110, PS6500 and the PS-M4110 Blade array.

Challenges with data recovery from Dell EqualLogic SANs:

One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with the recovery of a failed ISCSI Lun or worst en entire volume, is that EqualLogic utilizes a proprietary file system which is not documented and known only to fee. A successful recovery almost always requires custom tools which are commercially not available. Our EqualLogic SAN Data Recovery experts have developed specific tool sets to yield a quick and successful recovery from all EqualLogic models. In many cases we have even succeeded in complex recoveries, where others have failed. Often involving spanned data volumes across multiple EqualLogic SAN arrays.

Our Dell EqualLogic SAN Recovery capabilities include:

  • Recovery from multi drive failure
  • Recovery of deleted virtual machines
  • Recovery of corrupted ISCSI Lun’s
  • Recovery from SAN hardware failure
  • 24/7 Emergency support
  • In lab Service
  • Onsite services
  • Remote recovery capability

When an iSCSI Lun fails, recovering data is challenging as EqualLogic devices use a proprietary file system. Our recovery experts have crafted specialty tools needed to work with all types of EqualLogic devices.



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