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Dell PowerEdge/PowerVault Server Data Recovery

Data Analyzers has developed an expertise at recovering data from Dell PowerEdge Servers due to the popularity of Dell Servers used in both small businesses and enterprise. Our Engineering Team has dedicated special research and development in order to yield the highest possible success rate in the recovery of Dell Servers and storage solutions.

Dell uses the PERC and CERC RAID controller cards in its servers. Our Data Recovery engineers have years of experience dealing with these controllers and understand their malfunctions, firmware bugs and how to properly simulate the controllers to virtually reconstruct the RAID to quickly extract your data without any hardware dependencies. Regardless if you have a RAID-0 (spanned RAID), RAID-1 (mirror), RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-50 or even a RAID-60, our team is well equipped to ensure a safe and quick recovery of your data.

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  • In some cases a remote recovery is possible, in other cases the drives will need to be shipped to our main lab facility.

Our data recovery services for Dell Servers include but are not limited to the following models:

PowerEdge 1300PowerEdge 1400PowerEdge 1500PowerEdge 1600PowerEdge 1650PowerEdge 1655 MCPowerEdge 1750PowerEdge 1800PowerEdge 1850PowerEdge 1855PowerEdge 1900PowerEdge 1950PowerEdge 2500PowerEdge 2550PowerEdge 2600PowerEdge 2650PowerEdge 2800PowerEdge 2850PowerEdge 2900PowerEdge 2950PowerEdge 4600PowerEdge 600PowerEdge 700PowerEdge 750PowerEdge 8450Powervault 700NPowervault 701NPowervault 705NPowervault 715NPowervault 720NPowervault 725NPowervault 735NPowervault 740NPowervault 745NPowervault 750NPowervault 755NPowervault 760NPowervault 770NPowervault 775NPowervault NX200Powervault NX400Powervault NX3000Powervault NX4Powervault NX3100Powervault MD3000Powervault MD3000i

We can assist you with failed raid sets due to controller malfunctions, multi drive failures, deleted data or volumes, virtualization issues, power failure, failed rebuild attempts and more.

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