EMC Clariion Data Recovery


EMC Clariion Data Recovery

Clariion was an entry to mid-level SAN series produced by EMC. Although the VNX series has now replaced the EMC Clariion models, they still play a vital part of many network and storage infrastructures. Even though they are known to be very reliable, we have over the years assisted countless clients with the recovery of data form both AX and CX series.

Recoveries form EMC SANs face multiple challenges and at its core are the proprietary nature of EMC arrays raid algorithms, unique file system and storage block assignments. In addition the CX4 and AX4 and AX5 storage arrays can be configured with Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD), Fibre Channel (FC), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA).

Additional unique aspects are that these arrays do not use standard disk sector formatting. They use what is referred to as the Magic 8 bytes, which produces a 520 byte sector format, which includes 8 bytes of metadata in addition to the 512 bytes of traditional data. These additional bytes include a linear check sum, write stamp, parity shed stamp and time stamp.

Our RAID recovery specialists are experience in recovering data from all common EMC storage arrays and have assisted corporations with countless of data recoveries from EMC Clariion SAN appliances.

Our capabilities include:

  • Recovery of Multi RAID Drive failure
  • Recovery of System or hardware failures
  • Recovery of Deleted folders or Virtual Machines
  • Recovery of Data after failed rebuild attempts

When it comes to your critical data, you need an expert that understand the inner workings of EMC SANs like no other. Call us immediately for assistance with a fast, reliable and secure recovery of your data.


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