Hard Drive Data Recovery

hdd data recovery

With personalized attention, fully certified Class 100 Clean-room facility and guaranteed best value nationwide, Data Analyzers Recovery Division offers professional hard drive data recovery with verified security. We specialize in treating all types of hard drive failure including seized spindle, read/write head crashes, electronic damage, firmware corruption and more.

All hard drives are treated with the same certified technology, and our data recovery engineers follow strict security procedures to protect recovered data from unauthorized access. When it comes to recovering data from a failed hard drive Data Analyzers Recovery Division maintains high overall success rates of over 90 percent.

Hard Drive Recovery

Featured or Related Services

The pages below detail our services for different types of hard drive applications and related storage devices. Data Analyzers Recovery Division provides confidential options for all digital devices, regardless of physical size and we offer high success rates for all formats. Follow one of the links below for more information.

Desktop Data Recovery

When failures occur, desktop hard drive require Cleanroom work. This page explains our process for identifying issues and recovering data from standard desktop drives.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop hard drives commonly fail due to physical shock, electronic issues or liquid related mishaps. We deliver high data recovery success rates for laptop drives by using specialized tools to protect media throughout the entire process.

External Hard Drive

Learn more about critical factors which can influence the chances of success recovery of data for external hard drives, and this page outlines how our engineers limit risks while ensuring remarkable results.

SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are rising in popularity, and while these devices are relatively robust, they can still fail for a number of reasons. We offer a full set of data recovery options for all SSD brands.

Operating Systems Supported

We currently provide hard drive data recovery services for all operating systems. Operating system can affect the logical (non-physical) portion of the data recovery process, and we employ a team of skilled software technicians to treat every case as effectively as possible.


Our hard drive data recovery services provide an excellent resource for Microsoft Windows users, and cutting-edge technology ensures dependable results for all versions of the operating system.


Linux systems require dedicated attention, especially when file corruption and other logical issues occur. We support every Linux distribution along with other Unix operating systems.


Data Analyzers Recovery Division employs Apple Certified Mac Technicians to safely recover files from all types of Mac OS including: Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Puma, Cheetah and other versions.

Our technicians have experience with every operating system and can find appropriate solutions for any type of physical or non-physical failure. We create many of our software tools in-lab, allowing for fast results with unequaled security.

Leading Hard Drive Manufacturers Supported

Data Analyzers Recovery Division provides options for all hard drive brands. As a recognized leader in our industry, we are recognized by many of the world’s most popular hardware vendors.

Data Analyzers Recovery Division also support other hard drive brands not listed above. Our large onsite hardware library allows for efficient and dependable results, and every case is treated with appropriate security controls to provide a private experience.

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