LaCie Data Recovery


LaCie is a manufacturer of external hard disk drives designed to act as a storage extension of your PC, MAC or Linux computer system. Data Analyzers has developed an expertise at recovering data from LaCie hard drives and storage devices. Due to the high popularity of Lacie hard drives we have received many requests for the recovery of these drives over the past few years.


Our engineering team has dedicated special research and development in order to yield the highest possible success rate in the recovery of LaCie hard drives. When it comes to Lacie Hard Drive Data Recovery, our experts have a in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. Not all LaCie branded devices are single hard drive units, many of the external storage solutions offered by them incorporate a multi-disk solution. This mainly applies to certain LaCie Big Disk units as well as other external drives and NAS devices.

Data Analyzers will recover data from any LaCie product including:

  • LaCie d2 Network 2 & d2 Thunderbolt
  • LaCie 8big Rack, 4big Quadra, 2big Quadra, 2big Quadra Enterprise Class
  • LaCie 12big Rack Fibre, 12big Rack Serial, 12big Rack Network, Network Space (& Network Space 2), 2big Network (& 2big Network 2)
  • LaCie Big Disk devices (& Big Disk Network), 5big Network & 5big Thunderbolt 2
  • LaCie Ethernet Disk
  • LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive, Starck Mobile Hard Drive
  • LaCie Rugged XL
  • LaCie Grand Hard Disk, d2 Quadra Hard Disk (& Enterprise class), Hard Disk, Hard Disk Quadra, Hard Disk MAX Quadra & Hard Disk MAX
  • LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive
  • LaCie Rikiki
  • LaCie Boss
  • LaCie Petit Hard Disk
  • LaCie Little Disk & Little Big Disk Quadra
  • LaCie Skwarim
  • LaCie Porsche

If other Data Recovery companies have failed and even Lacie’s Tech support can not salvage your data, than you should certainly speak to one of our Lacie Data Recovery Engineers. When choosing Data Analyzers you can rest assure that we know Lacie drives.


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    When data loss happen most of us will try an online utility or take Lacie drive to nearby repair shop but be careful since in most cases that can lead to permanent data loss. Note: DIY  data recovery attempts more often create more damage or produce no results leaving no chance for a recovery.