Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery

maxtor data recovery

Maxtor was an American hard drive manufacturer that was founded in 1982 and was later purchased by Seagate. Maxtor hard drives included IDE and SATA desktop hard drives as well as SCSI hard drives utilized in various different business servers.

Maxtor Data Recovery

Even though Maxtor has been acquired by Seagate in 2006 and Maxtor hard drives are no longer being manufactured there are still plenty of older Maxtor drives circulating in both home and small business environments.

Our data recovery engineers have extensive experience recovering data from all Maxtor hard drive architectures and have developed many specialized and proprietary solutions to ensure you will receive the highest chance of a successful retrieval of your data.

Most common Maxtor hard drive symptoms that can cause data loss

  • Error messages or unreadable files
  • “Bad sectors” error messages
  • Accidental file deletion or formatting
  • Drive no longer listed in BIOS
  • Unusual clicking, grinding, or beeping noises
  • Visible damage to electronics

It is crucial to turn your device off as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms. Do not try to recover, repair your media and never run data recovery disk utilities on your failing or failed device, as these actions can greatly contribute to data loss and cause other issues.

Our specialized data recovery tools include:
  • A Class 10/100 Cleanroom
  • Firmware repair systems and utilities
  • Exclusive file/file system repair programs
  • Specialized tools for Maxtor part replacement, repair, and diagnostics
  • Number of security certifications

If you are experiencing failure symptoms to your Maxtor hard drive, contact us for assistance.


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    Did You Know?

    When data loss happen most of us will try an online utility or take Maxtor hard drive to nearby repair shop but be careful since in most cases that can lead to permanent data loss. Note: DIY  data recovery attempts more often create more damage or produce no results leaving no chance for a recovery.