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ReadyNAS is the brand name of Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard disk drives manufactured by the company NetGear. As with all NAS devices, the ReadyNAS is also not excluded from failure. Leaving the data contained don it inaccessible.

NetGear Data Recovery

A successful recovery usually involves a detailed understanding of the Linux XFS, EXT2, EXT3 and now BTFS file system structures, along with the standard and custom RAID parity algorithms used by these devices. Our Team of Data Recovery Experts are here to assist you with both simple and complex failures to your ReadyNAS device.

Common failure types include:

  • Failed hard drive (red light / LED glows)
  • Firmware upgrade failed or firmware corruption
  • RAID expansion failed
  • RAID migration failed
  • Cannot access the device or share
  • RAID rebuild failed / Re-initialized disk
  • Corrupt file system, or RAID running in degraded mode
  • Deleted data
  • Volume corruption due to power surge
  • User error such as deleting files

Our Engineers have been trained to perform recoveries from NetGear ReadyNAS devices and have a very deep understanding of how the devices work “under the hood”.

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