Pricing for data recovery services depends on the case complexity. Data Analyzers does not use flat rate pricing for a good reason. Every respectable data recovery company base charges on each individual case therefore we’ve created a transparent method for pricing our services.

In order to encourage you to start your data recovery case with them most service providers will either quoting you a low price or they’ll give you a broad range, only to raise their quote dramatically after you’ve already approved the work.

Data Analyzers Pricing Structure

Our customers enjoy transparent method for evaluating our recoveries knowing exactly what to expect before approve recovery of their data. Data Analyzers Data Recovery quote each case based on the capacity of the device and complexity of the problem with the data storage device. In most cases users suffer from data loss when their storage device has:

  • Logical or file system issues ( corruption, deleted data, media errors-bad sectors)
  • Problems with device’s internal workings ( electronics failure, firmware related issues )
  • Mechanical issues ( cases where problems are related to device’s mechanical parts )

Our customer service team is here to go over any details before you proceed with any of our services.

More About Our Process and Pricing

Data Analyzers Data Recovery is proud to offer free data recovery diagnostics and evaluations for every type of data storage device, including hard drives, solid-state drives, smartphones and tablets, memory cards and USB flash drives, RAID arrays, servers, and other systems. Evaluation will include a diagnostic report that will contain a set price quote for the recovery service and projected turnaround time. Data Analyzers Data Recovery do charge Expedited and Emergency Evaluation Fee. Learn more about data recovery evaluation process.

Data Recovery Service Cost Is Determined Based On:
  • Type of the data storage device
  • Device storage capacity
  • Symptoms of the device
  • Quantity & configuration
  • Parts
  • Previous recovery attempts
  • Required service option

Our services don’t include repairing data storage devices nor sending them back to you. You’ll receive the damaged data storage device in the condition you sent it to Data Analyzers Data Recovery.

When our experienced experts can not recover corrupted data you’re not responsible for any recovery fees. Often times data recovery process call for parts (usually referred as donor) and seldom we will require a retainer fee before we can proceed. Retainers will come out of the final cost of recovery. In the event that recovery is not successful retainer is nonrefundable.

Data Analyzers Data Recovery can help you to recover data from almost any data storage device. Contact our customer service department today at 866-456-DATA to get started.

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