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Based on a high demand in the small business market for a reliable Synology data recovery solution, we have developed a profound understanding of all common Synology NAS units. From the smaller 2 Bay Network attaches storage enclosures to the 4 and 8 Bay appliances and Rack mounts.

Synology Data Recovery

If you have a failed Synology RAID, contact us today to learn more about your data recovery options.

Service options:
In-lab Service
Remote Recovery

Common models from which we frequently recover data from include:

Disk Station DS408Disk Station DS410Disk Station DS411Disk Station DS414Disk Station DS416Disk Station DS 510Disk Station DS715Disk Station DS716Disk Station DS1010Disk Station DS1812Disk Station DS2015
All Synology Rack Stations:  RS408RX410RS815
Including  FS, XS, Plus, Value & J series: FS3017FS2017FS1018RS18017xs+RS4017xs+RS3618xsRS3617xs+RS3617RPxsRC18015xs+DS3617xsDS218+DS918+DS1517+DS1618+DS1817+RS2418+ / RS2418RP+RS217DS418jDS216seRS816and many more…

The core of the Synology System is called the Disk Station Manager (DSM) which is based on a modern Linux Kernel.

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