Tape Data Recovery Service


Data Analyzers has one of the most sophisticated labs for the recovery of Tape Media. Our Tape Recovery Engineers have accumulated a vast amount of experience salvaging data from DLT, LTO, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, DAT, AIT and DDS-3, DDS4 tapes.

Regardless if you are a small business or a large enterprise, when it comes to salvaging data from critical backup tapes, Data Analyzers is your trusted source. We succeed where other data recovery companies have failed. Our large inventory of tape drives and profound understanding of Tape formats such as DLT, LTO, DAT, DDS and AIT in combination with our indept knowledge of data backup formats and compression for Windows NT Backup, Symantec (Veritas) Backup Exec, NetBackup, CA (Brightstore) ArcServe, Commvault Simpana, Legato Networker, Tivoli,NetVault, TapeWare,TAR, CPIO, VMS Backup as well as various other tape backup formats.

Logical recovery

Logical Tape problems, usually are failures to properly read a tape due to media errors, catalogue problems of the tape backup software, accidental formats, or re-initilaztion of your DLT, LTO, AIT or DAT tapes.

Physical recovery

Physical tape problems. These usually relate to wear and tear, mechanical tape drive failure, or external factors such as human error, fire or flood. The mechanical operation of a tape is stressful and so any minor problems can be made much worse if a damaged tape is inserted into a drive.

Data Migration Service:

Data Migration is the transfer of data from one system to another usually with the aim of upgrading to to faster, or more manageable technology. Tape and optical data archival technology has developed rapidly over recent years, with massive increases in capacity and performance. Systems for managing data have also matured greatly with basic backup applications being superseded by complex data archive management suites. Keeping up with the changes is no mean feat, most IT departments are under cost constraints that make managing each data a challenge, sorting out a data archive that has grown over the previous 20 years is one of those tasks that can always wait for another day, or can it?

Data Conversion Service:

Tape Conversion is the process of transferring data from backup tapes either to other backup tapes or to some alternate medium. Estimates put the volume of data stored worldwide in tape at approximately 60%, yet the ability to interchange data between different tape formats of data storage is rare. Take, for example, a 4mm DAT containing data from an AS400 and attempt to read data from it using a 4mm DAT on a Windows or UNIX system.


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