Tape E-Discovery, Tape Discovery Service


When ESI needs to be retrieved from backup tape, traditional solutions are often not a plausible option. The restoring of backup tapes can be extremely time consuming via traditional means and often include multiple tape medias and can also include multiple tape backup systems which further can complexity the collection of ESI from tape backup media.

Tape Discovery, assisting clients with ESI collection from Tape media

We offer bulk processing and expedited services to ensure that your production deadlines for discovery can be met.



We can index hundreds of tapes per week, allowing case teams to make accessibility and excessive burden arguments without the risk of missing production deadlines.Our technical engineers adheres to the strictest evidence handling policies and procedures, ensuring data security, chain of custody, and media integrity throughout the process.

Our Abilities include:

  • Process large volumes of data quickly with automated tape processing and minimal resources.
  • Direct indexing, search and extraction of specific data files on backup tapes, without the need for the original software that created the tape.
  • Supports all common backup formats including NetBackup, Backup Exec, Tivoli, Commvault and many others.
  • Search and extract individual files based on full text and metadata criteria.
  • Comprehensive access to individual email content from MS Exchange (EDB, PST, etc.), IBM Notes (NSF) and more

Iris restores legacy media from its native format, achieving the highest possible level of data integrity and safeguarding data and corresponding metadata from corruption in the restoration process.

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