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Data Analyzers has developed an expertise at recovering data from Unix Servers. Due to the proprietary nature of Unix Servers, few Data Recovery Laboratories are equipped to properly deal with the various Unix platforms (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SCO, BSD). Our Unix Recovery Team has dedicated special research and development in order to yield the highest possible success rate during the data recovery process. It has not been uncommon for our engineers to recover data from UNIX Servers that have previously been to another data recovery company and deemed unrecoverable. Unix File System Recovery has become somewhat of a black art, even within the Data Recovery Industry. If you have losed critical data from a Unix Server due to physical failure or delection, please contact us today and ask to speak to one of our Unix Recovery Specialists.

Why Data Analyzers?

  • RS/6000 and PowerPC Servers utilized!
  • Experienced System Admins!
  • Advanced Knowledge of SCSI drives!
  • Advanced knowledge of JFS1 and JFS2!
  • Prorpietary AIX File system tools!
  • Routinely Recovery complex AIX data retrieval for other Data Recovery labs.

Featured UNIX Data Recovery Services are listed below:

 IBM AIX UNIX Data Recovery

Less then a few data recovery companies around the Globe have mastered the ins and out’s of the proprietary IBM AIX Unix system. Data Analyzers has utilized it’s research and development abilities to study AIX and it’s file systems (JFS1m JFS2) in depth. If your AIX server crashed unexpectetly, please do not attempt the rebuild procedures described by the manufacturer without first making an image backup off all the functioning drives. To often a rebuild of the RAID will fail and the required super-blocks will get damaged during the attempt. Regardless if you have a corrupted Volume Groups, can’t import a Volume Group via importing , can’t mount a file system, have a corrupted AIX super-block, a failed disk drive (physical volume) or a catastrophic raid failure, we are here to assist you with your AIX Data Recovery needs. We can succeed where others have failed!

If you have a data emergency with AIX 4, AIX 5 or AIX 6 platforms, please contact a qualified data recovery laboratory immediately.

HP UX UNIX Data Recovery

If you are in need of a HP-UX Data Recovery Specialist that understands theVeritas File System (VxFS) as well as the Hierarchical File System (HFS) and that can assist you when your Logical Volumes can not longer be seen or accessed, please contact us now and ask to speak to a HP-UX Data Recovery Specialists.


SCO UNIX Data Recovery

Our SCO UNIX and SCO OpenServer Data Recovery services are available to midsized businesses and enterprises who currently have implemented any of the SCO UNIX or Unix ware Operating Systems. Starting from SCO UNIX 3.2v4 to OpenServer 5 and all versions SCO Unix usually utilizes the vxfs “Veritas File System” and the HTFS file system. The HTFS file system is somewhat comparable to the HFS file system, however it does not support journaling and therefore recovery attempts can be more challenging. If you are experiencing a system failure, call us immediately!


 Solaris UNIX Data Recovery

Sun Solaris Data Recovery for Servers and Sparc Workstations. Solaris uses UFS (Unix Fast Filesystem) which is a typical Unix File System. Our Unix Recovery Engineers can salvage data from Solaris 2.6 – Solaris 10.0 and are very familiar with the UFS file system and the most common Raid configurations for your Server. If your Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) is displaying a missing disk, you deleted some data and need to restore it, or the Server will not boot, call us immediately!Call us now to discuss your case and receive a free data recovery analysis.


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