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USB flash data recovery from almost all brands and types of USB Thumb Drives! Whether important documents or pictures have been accidentally deleted, formatted or the USB thumb drive is malfunctioning and not recognized by your computer. The majority of USB thumb drives failures are due to physical damage of the USB connector or a malfunctioning internal controller. In most cases data recovery software will be unable to recover any data due to the physical failure of the USB drive itself and its components. Our proprietary techniques allow us to extract your data directly from the NAND memory chip and thereby recover your data with a high success rate. We have successfully recovered financial documents, movies, and photo collections for photographers, students and teachers, and even law enforcement.


There are two types of flash media we receive and recover from: standard and monolithic. Both flash devices accomplish the same goal of providing storage, but how they are physically made is completely different from one another. Reverse engineering raw data back into a logical image is common practice for both Standard and Monolithic device.


Standard flash device

This device is made up of several components.

Found in: USB drives, SD cards, SSDs
Main components: PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a controller (brains), a nand chip,
Secondary components: Fuse, usb connector, capacitor, crystal, resistors, etc.
Pros: Have many serviceable parts that can be repaired or replaced. The NAND flash memory chips can be de-soldered from the PCB and dumped separately in case of complete failure.
Cons: Connectors are fragile and get broken easily. The physical form factor is larger than monolithic because it has to fit all the separate components.

Monolithic flash

Made in layers and self contained.

Found in: MicroSD, SD, Cell Phones
Main components: Monolithic PCB with all components. Similar to objects made with a 3D printer.
Secondary components: None
Pros: Smaller than standard flash devices, provides a large capacity in a small form factor. Cheaper to make.
Cons: No serviceable parts. Fragile, cracks easily under pressure. Pinouts are sometimes difficult to develop making data extraction time consuming.

If you have experienced data loss on USB Flash, need SD data recovery or SM, Memory Stick, CompactFlash, MMC memory card data recovery our engineers can help. Data Analyzers engineers are also able to recover solid state drives that have failed.

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