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VMware is certainly the most utilized name when it comes to Virtualization. VMware is known for its maturity and reliability as a Virtualization platform. Nevertheless, data loss incidents happen and they occur more frequently than most would expect.Attempting to recover data from a corrupted or deleted VMDK file can be a nightmare and a lot of pressure for your company and your IT department. VMDK files frequently become corrupted during transfers, migrations and during restores of snapshots. When it comes to performing a quick and efficient VMware data recovery, our team of data recovery engineers has developed unquestionable expertise.

Data loss incidents happen and they occur more frequently than most would be expect

While attempting to recover data from a VMware environment one needs to understand the proprietary structure of VMDK files to ensure a successful recovery. In addition when using VMware Infrastructure or VMware vSphere, an understanding of complex VMFS, the VMware File System is required. Additional layers of complexity are quickly added when snapshots are involved. Our VMware VMFS data recovery experts have developed specific tools to recover your mission critical data from even the most severe Virtualization disasters.

Our VMware data recovery capabilities include:

  • Recovery of VMFS v2 for ESX Server v 2.x
  • Recovery from Virtual Disk container (datastore) corruption
  • Recovery of VMFS v3 used by ESX Server 3.x and vShere (4.x)
  • Recovery of deleted .VMDK files
  • Recovery of VMFS v5 used by ESXi 5.x
  • Recovery of deleted snapshots and deltas .avhd

The VMware Data Recovery experts at Data Analyzers can assist you if your ESX/ESXi VMware ESX Server or GSX Servers failed. Contact us directly and ask to speak to one of our enterprise data recovery engineers. Emergency services, remote services and on-site services are available upon request. If another data recovery company has failed to successfully recover your VMDK files or missing data, there is hope, give us a call!


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