Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery


Western Digital is an American computer storage company and one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world. Western Digital has been manufacturing hard drives since the late 1980’s and is one of the most dominant hard drive manufacturers today. The have manufactured IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS drives and have a large market share in both enterprise and consumer hard drive markets.

Western Digital Data Recovery

Modern Western Digital hard drives, use a Marvel MCU or Processor to control the hard drives functionality and behavior. This Marvel MCU is the core of the Printed circuit board (PCB) for Western digital hard drives.

How to check a WD drive for damage:

  1. With the drive disconnected, examine the drive for physical signs of damage (dents, missing parts or broken pins)
  2. Make sure the power cable (if applicable) and data cable are securely connected
  3. Verify the data cable is in working condition. (Try using the cable on a working drive)
  4. Connect the drive to a different computer or a different port on the motherboard/controller card
  5. If you are experiencing failure symptoms to your Western Digital hard drive, contact us for assistance.

Our Data Recovery engineers have been recovering data from Western Digital hard drives for over a decade and have developed many specialized and proprietary solutions to recover data from specific malfunctions that occur on Western Digital hard drive architectures.

Our specialized data recovery tools include:
  • A Class 10/100 Cleanroom
  • Firmware repair systems and utilities
  • Exclusive file/file system repair programs
  • Specialized tools for hard drive part replacement, repair, and diagnostics
  • Number of security certifications

When you send your WD hard drive to Data Analyzers Data Recovery, you get exceptional security, and with the highest success rate from an industry-leading data recovery service provider. Improve your chances of a successful recovery shut down WD hard drive with symptoms of a physical or logical failure and contact our office to get recommendations and a free quote!


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    Did You Know?

    When data loss happen most of us will try an online utility or take WD hard drive to nearby repair shop but be careful since in most cases that can lead to permanent data loss. Note: DIY  data recovery attempts more often create more damage or produce no results leaving no chance for a recovery.

    Questions and Answers

    What Western Digital drives can you recover?

    This is a partial list, of some of the frequent Western Digital hard drive models we support:
    WD1000BEVS-00LAT0, WD1000BEVS-22LAT0, WD1001FALS-00E8B0, WD1001FALS-40Y6A0, WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0, WD1003FBYX-01Y7B1, D1003FBYZ-010FB0, WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0, WD10EADS-00L5B1, WD10EADS-00M2B0, WD10EADS-22M2B0, WD10EADX-22TDHB0, WD10EARS-00MVWB0, WD10EARS-00Y5B1, WD10EARS-22Y5B1, WD10EAVS-00D7B1, WD10EAVS-00M4B0, WD10EAVS-32D7B1, WD10EZEX-00BN5A0, WD10EZEX-00WN4A0, WD10EZEX-08RKKA0, WD10EZEX-08WN4A0, WD10EZEX-60M2NA0, WD10EZEX-60WN4A0, WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0, WD10EZEX-75M2NA0, WD10EZEX-75ZF5A0, WD10EZRX-00A8LB0, WD10EZRX-00L4HB0, WD10JMVW-11AJGS0, WD10JMVW-11AJGS1, WD10JMVW-11AJGS2, WD10JMVW-11AJGS3, WD10JMVW-11AJGS4, WD10JMVW-11S5XS0, WD10JMVW-11S5XS1, WD10JPCX-24UE4T0, WD10JPVT-00A1YT0, WD10JPVT-00MS8T0, WD10JPVT-16A1YT0, WD10JPVT-60A1YT0, WD10JPVT-75A1YT0, WD10JPVT-80A1YT0, WD10JPVX-00JC3T0, WD10JPVX-22JC3T0, WD10JPVX-60JC3T1, WD10JPVX-75JC3T0, WD10JTVT-40PM2T0, WD10SMCW-11ZLUS0, WD10SPCX-24HWST1, WD10SPCX-75KHST0, WD10SPZX-00Z10T0, WD10SPZX-22Z10T0, WD10TMVV-11A27S2, WD10TMVV-11BG7S0, WD10TMVV-11TK7S1, WD10TMVV-11TK7S2, WD10TMVW-11ZSMS0, WD10TMVW-11ZSMS1, WD10TMVW-11ZSMS4, WD10TMVW-11ZSMS5, WD10TPVT-00U4RT1, WD15EARS-00MVWB0, WD1600AAJB-00PVA0, WD1600AAJS-08L7A0, WD1600AAJS-56M0A0, WD1600AAJS-60Z0A0, WD1600AAJS-75M0A0, WD1600AAJS-75PSA0, WD1600BB-00GUA0, WD1600BEVS-22RST0, WD1600JB-00REA0, WD1600JS-22MHB0, WD1600JS-40TGB0, WD1600JS-55MHB0, WD1600JS-75NCB1, WD1600JS-75NCB2, WD1600JS-75NCB3, WD1600JS-98MHB0, WD1601ABYS-01C0A0, WD2000F9YZ-09N20L1, WD20EADS-00S2B0, WD20EADS-11R6B1, WD20EARS-00MVWB0, WD20EARX-00PASB0, WD20EARX-22PASB0, WD20EFRX-68EUZN0, WD20EZRX-00D8PB0, WD20EZRX-00DC0B0, WD20EZRZ-00Z5HB0, WD20NMVW-11AV3S0, WD20NMVW-11AV3S2, WD20NMVW-11AV3S4, WD20NMVW-11EDZS2, WD20NMVW-11EDZS3, WD20NMVW-11EDZS6, WD20NMVW-11EDZS7, WD20NMVW-11W68S0, WD20NPVT-00Z2TT0, WD20SDZW-11JJ8S1, WD20SDZW-11Z3CS0, WD20SMZW-11YFCS0, WD20SPZX-00UA7T0, WD20SPZX-11UA7T0, WD2500AAJB-00WGA0, WD2500AAJS-65M0A0, WD2500AAJS-75M0A0, WD2500AAKX-001CA0, WD2500AAKX-00ERMA0, WD2500AAKX-083CA0, WD2500AAKX-193CA0, WD2500AAKX-753CA0, WD2500AAKX-753CA1, WD2500AAKX-75U6AA0, WD2500BEKT-00PVMT0, WD2500BEKT-60PVMT0, WD2500BEKT-75PVMT0, WD2500BEKT-75PVMT1, WD2500BEVS-00VAT0, WD2500BEVS-60UST0, WD2500BEVS-75UST0, WD2500BEVT-75ZCT2, WD2500BMVU-11A04S0, WD2500JB-00REA0, WD2500JS-22MHB0, WD2500JS-41MVB1, WD2500JS-60MHB5, WD2500JS-60NCB1, WD2500JS-75NCB1, WD2500JS-75NCB3, WD2500KS-00MJB0, WD2500LPLX-00ZNTT0, WD2500YS-18SHB2, WD3000FYYZ-01UL1B1, WD30EFRX-68AX9N0, WD30EZRS-00J99B0, WD30EZRS-11J99B1, WD30EZRX-00D8PB0, WD30EZRX-00DC0B0, WD30EZRX-00MMMB0, WD30EZRX-00SPEB0, WD30NMRW-11YL9S4, WD30NMZW-11GX6S1, WD3200AACS-32ZUB0, WD3200AAJS-00B4A0, WD3200AAJS-00M0A0, WD3200AAJS-00RYA0, WD3200AAJS-00VWA0, WD3200AAJS-22B4A0, WD3200AAJS-40H3A0, WD3200AAJS-40RYA0, WD3200AAJS-56B4A0, WD3200AAJS-65B4A0, WD3200AAJS-65M0A0, WD3200AAKS-00C9A0, WD3200AAKS-00VYA0, WD3200AAKS-75L9A0, WD3200AAKX-083CA0, D3200AAKX-083CA1, WD3200BEKT-60F3T1, WD3200BEKT-75A25T0, WD3200BEKX-75B7WT0, WD3200BEVT-00ZCT0, WD3200BEVT-22ZCT0, WD3200BEVT-60A23T0, WD3200BMVU-11A04S0, WD3200BMVV-11GNWS0, WD3200BPVT-22JJ5T0, WD3200BPVT-55ZEST0, WD3200BPVT-60JJ5T0, WD3200BPVT-75JJ5T0, WD3200BPVT-80JJ5T0, WD3200LPVX-00V0TT0, WD3200LPVX-22V0TT0, WD4000BEVT-11ZAT0, WD4000F9MZ-76NVPL0, WD400BB-23FJA0, WD400BD-75MRA3, WD400JD-75HKA1, WD40EFRX-68WT0N0, WD40EZRZ-00GXCB0, WD40EZRZ-00WN9B0, WD40NMZW-11GX6S1, WD40NMZW-59GX6S1, WD40NPZZ-00PDPT0, WD40NPZZ-11JHGT0, WD5000AACS-00ZUB0, WD5000AACS-22ZUB0, WD5000AADS-00S9B0, WD5000AAKS-00TMA0, WD5000AAKS-00V1A0, WD5000AAKS-00YGA0, WD5000AAKS-07YGA0, WD5000AAKS-22TMA0, WD5000AAKS-22V1A0, WD5000AAKS-40V6A0, WD5000AAKS-55V0A0, WD5000AAKS-60V0A0, WD5000AAKS-65V0A0, WD5000AAKS-65YGA0, WD5000AAKS-75A7B0, WD5000AAKX-001CA0, WD5000AAKX-083CA1, WD5000AAKX-08U6AA0, WD5000AAKX-22ERMA0, WD5000AAKX-60U6AA0, WD5000AAKX-753CA0, WD5000AAKX-753CA1, WD5000AAKX-75U6AA0, WD5000AAVS-00ZTB0, WD5000AVCS-612DY, WD5000AZLX-75K2TA0, WD5000BEVT-11ZAT0, WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0, WD5000BEVT-24A0RT0, WD5000BEVT-35A0RT0, WD5000BEVT-60A0RT0, WD5000BEVT-60ZAT1, WD5000BEVT-75A0RT0, WD5000BEVT-75ZAT0, WD5000BMVU-11A08S0, WD5000BMVV-11A1CS0, WD5000BMVW-11AJGS1, WD5000BMVW-11AMCS0, WD5000BMVW-11AMCS4, WD5000BPKX-75HPJT0, WD5000BPVT-00HXZT1, WD5000BPVT-00HXZT3, WD5000BPVT-22HXZT3, WD5000BPVX-00JC3T0, WD5000BUCT-57LS5Y1, WD5000BUDT-63G8FY0, WD5000LMVW-11CKRS0, WD5000LMVW-11VEDS0, WD5000LMVW-11VEDS3, WD5000LPCX-22VHAT0, WD5000LPCX-24C6HT0, WD5000LPCX-24VHAT0, WD5000LPCX-60VHAT0, WD5000LPCX-75VHAT0, WD5000LPLX-08ZNTT0, WD5000LPLX-22ZNTT0, WD5000LPVT-08G33T1, WD5000LPVT-22G33T0, WD5000LPVT-24G33T1, WD5000LPVT-60G33T0, WD5000LPVT-75G33T0, WD5000LPVX-00V0TT0, WD5000LPVX-08V0TT5, WD5000LPVX-22V0TT0, WD5000LPVX-28V0TT0, WD5000LPVX-55V0TT3, WD5000LPVX-60V0TT0, WD5000LPVX-80V0TT0, WD5000LUCT-61RC2Y0, WD5000M22K-60Z1LT0, WD5003ABYX-18WERA0, WD50EZRX-00MVLB1, WD600VE-00HDT0, WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1, WD6400AAKS-65A7B2, WD6400AAKS-75A7B2, WD7500AACS-00ZJB0, WD7500AAKS-00RBA0, WD7500AAKS-65RBA0, WD7500AAVS-00D7B0, WD7500BPVT-75A1YT0, WD7500BPVT-80HXZT3, WD7500BPVX-00JC3T0, WD500BPVX-75JC3T0, WD7500KMVW-11ZSMS5, WD7500LPCX-60HWST0, WD7501AALS-00E3A0, WD7501AALS-00J7B0, WD800BB-22JHC0, WD800BEAE-11UWT0, WD800BEVE-00A0HT0, WD800JD-75MSA1, WD800JD-75MSA2, WD800JD-75MSA3, WD800UE-00HCT0, WD800UE-00KVT0, WD800UE-22HCT0, WD800VE-11KWT0.

    If your drive is not listed here please call 866-456-3282 and verify support with our data recovery specialists.

    What is the cost to recover data?

    Data Analyzers Data Recovery can help you to recover data from almost any data storage device. Cost of data recovery service is based on:

    • Type of the data storage device
    • Device storage capacity
    • Symptoms of the device
    • Quantity & configuration
    • Parts
    • Previous recovery attempts
    • Required service option