Archive Drive Data Recovery

SMR data recovery

A new hard drive technology called shingled magnetic recording or SMR has made its way into the market in the form of ultra low cost drives often marketed as Archive drives. Archive drives utilize a new (old) method of writing tracks to the disk in that they overlap tracks, therefore able to store more data in the same area. However in real life SMR drives are very troublesome or “unpredictable”. Depending on your workload, you may find a massive decrease in write performance on SMR drives due to their design.

In this white paper Data Analyzers Data Recovery Services are explaining difficulties recovering data from SMR drives.

SMR data recovery

SMR Data Recovery

Data Analyzers performs data recovery services for Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) hard disk drives. Should data loss occur, our data recovery experts are available to help you recover files from any data storage device including “Archive drives”.

If your Seagate’s new 6 platter SMR archive hard drive fails or if your Western Digital WD10SMZW, WD20SDZW, WD30NMZW or WD40NMZW hard drive stop responding call 866-456-DATA and restore your files today.

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