Case study: Recovering data from a digital picture frame


1. Details of Customer Report

Recovering photos from a Viewsonic VFM1536-11 digital picture frame. Customer (organization) is looking for pictures/photos of past presidents to be recovered from device’s memory. Device’s memory SD slot is empty.

2. Previous Actions & Findings by Service Technician

  • Device’s screen is flickering.
  • Device does not power-up.

3. Engineering Diagnostic Actions & Findings

  • Attempts to repair device’s components failed.
  • Data recovery is only possible with Chip-off method

4. Problem Cause

  • Device has been previously disassembled and main NAND memory chip located.
  • Memory chip has been removed from a PCB
Location of removed memory chip
  • NAND memory chip is Hynix 256MB

5. Remedial Actions Taken

Raw binary image has been read via chip reader
Logical structure has been successfully created

6. Results

All 67 photos has been recovered.


Customer kept the only copy (no backup) of data on this device which failed causing permanent data loss. Data Analyzers is able to recover data from various devices including digital picture frames including such as obsolete Viewsonic VFM1536-11 digital picture frame. This device has a 15″ frame that not only displays your digital photos, but plays music and videos too stored to the 265MB internal memory or to a variety of memory cards. After data loss device’s data has been recovered in Data Analyzers main lab in Orlando, FL.


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