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As Data Analyzers ( ) has been expanding its data recovery and computer forensics capability, the organization has continued to grow into a national leader in the data recovery industry. Data Analyzers has been selected from a large pool of data recovery companies in the United States to be the only and exclusive member representative in the USA for the Global Data Recovery Alliance.  “This has been a great honor and allows us to share ideas, resources and technology with non-competing data recovery laboratories around the globe and it will ultimately allow us to provide cutting edge research and development at a fraction of the cost, which means those are savings we can pass on to our clients.” said Andrew von Ramin Mapp, Founder of Data Analyzers.

With an exclusive international membership, Global Data Recovery Alliance ( is the world’s first professional association of independent commercial data recovery experts.

With international members in Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, UK, Australia, Spain, United States, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Indonesia and Canada, GDRA’s primary role is to provide a focus on the expertise and skills of our members, while promoting the development of our individual businesses in an open, constructive and co-operative environment. We believe that in doing this; we can provide our customers with a superior and more client-focused alternative to large multinational data recovery organizations that seek to monopolize the international data recovery marketplace.

Though based in different territories and on different continents, GDRA members remain in constant daily contact through multi-media communications providing ‘live’ online sharing of expertise in matters relating to the recovery of data from digital storage devices.

Sharing common equipment platforms for data recovery enables members to maximize probability of a full recovery of customer’s data.

 In other words, when you send a hard drive or other device for recovery to one of our members, you may ultimately resource the expertise of all our members in a global way; therefore a combination of many years of intensive research and development will be at work on your particular device. 

Media Contact: Joannie Zayas, Data Analyzers LLC, 3212066718,

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