Data Analyzers performs cutting edge data recovery from new generation of Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy

At the present time, data extractions from newer smart phone devices for data recovery and computer forensic purposes has become more and more challenging, for both law enforcement and industry experts. Data Analyzers has once again rushed to the forefront to be one of the first globally to be able to perform chip-off data extraction from the new generation of Samsung Galaxy phones. Including the Note 5, Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge models.

A chip-off data extraction is a process whereby data is read directly from the mobile phone’s data chip after it has been carefully removed using specialized equipment. This advanced technique can be utilized to bypass passwords and pin codes as well as to extract data from phones that have suffered from water damage or other malfunctions that may not be repairable otherwise. Up until now, chip-off data extraction could not be performed on newer models of the Samsung Galaxy smart phone series. This is because they are using the new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 standard for the embedded memory rather than the eMMC standard, used in previous generations. UFS memory is both physically and logically different from its predecessor, eMMC and offers more robust data transfer speeds.

Data Analyzers is now providing these services to law enforcement agencies, commercial enterprises and consumers alike. We frequently receive requests to perform advanced data extraction from damaged smart phones by law firms, insurance companies and law enforcement agencies for phones that have been exposed to water and fire damage says Andrew von Ramin Mapp, the CEO and Founder of Data Analyzers.
To learn more about the advanced chip-off data recovery process, call Data Analyzers at 866-456-DATA or visit for more information.

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Data Analyzers is a data recovery and digital forensic leader that has a proven track record of providing data recovery services to consumers, small businesses, large corporations as well as law enforcement.
Data Analyzers has developed cutting edge raid and storage server recovery techniques as well as some of the most innovative mobile phone recovery processes.

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