Data Recovery in a Nutshell

Data Recovery in a Nutshell

Here at Data Analyzers, we want to make things as simple as possible for you to retrieve your valuable data and precious memories; which is why we pride ourselves on having a streamlined, stress free recovery process. In this article, we would like to outline data recovery process in an effort to assure the most detailed understanding for our clients.

Media reception

When you first send your device to the team at Data Analyzers, it lands in the hands of our trusted and capable administrative staff. The first step in the tried and true Data Analyzers process is to get the device(s) checked into our system before the analysis can begin. Our front-end team will create both an account and a case with as much detail as possible about your recovery of data before handing everything over to one of our skilled engineers.

Analysis and Evaluation

The analysis portion of your recovery is step two! The engineer assigned to your case will run diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is wrong with your data storage device and evaluate how data can be retrieved. Evaluation involves an elaborate, but carefully guarded process which can take anywhere from one to three business days. The evaluation process can be sped up by our Expedited Analysis service, which effectively moves your case to the front of your engineer’s queue to give you analysis results in just hours! When a final diagnosis is ready for you, including a formal quote, the details are delivered to you by e-mail.

Your Review

This brings us to step three, which is essentially up to you! This is the time to review your analysis and carefully decide how to proceed. You will be e-mailed your engineer’s notes, as well as recovery cost options that are valid for 5 business days.

  • The standard service takes between 5 and 10 business days, these costs are determined by your engineer and take into account the type of recovery that will need to be performed.
  • Some cases are eligible for our expedited service, which gets your data back to you in under 4 days. (not available for all cases)
  • The economy service is our most affordable option, because it extends the time frame of your recovery to 21 business days. (not available for all cases)

If you decide against recovering your data, you are sent an invoice for the cost of return shipping and everything is returned to you; alternately, Data Analyzers can properly recycle any device you may not want. Cases that are deemed unrecoverable go through this same return process.

If you would like to proceed with recovery, simply complete the payment agreement that was e-mailed to you with the quoted cost for the recovery service of your choice. This agreement acts as the greenlight for your engineer to proceed. If your case notes indicated that a retainer was required, that invoice will be sent to you for payment and the retainer amount will be deducted from your final invoice. Payment in full is not requested until the recovery is complete!

File Verification

Your final decision brings us to the fourth step! The recovery work begins, parts are ordered and your engineer works tirelessly to recover your missing data. You will be e-mailed with any updates and when recovery is complete, you will receive three notifications. The first will be a file listing to confirm all the data that was recovered, then an e-mail from our administrative staff to include any password you may need to access the recovery or final notes from your engineer, and finally your invoice will arrive for payment.

Media and Data Return

The fifth and final step of our data recovery process is our favorite: FedEx Shipping! At Data Analyzers, our greatest reward is getting your valuable data back in your hands!

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