Dropped Portable Hard Drive

dropped hard drive

The most natural action after dropping an external hard drive or laptop, is to turn it on to see if it still works? If you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you had an external hard drive dropped and hit the floor, and after you powered it up it doesn’t work correctly? Making beeping, clicking, scraping sounds or spinning without access to data?

Data Recovery From a Dropped Portable Hard Drive

Any hard disk drive that suffered from a shock, such as hitting something, being dropped when powered on, its arms (HSA) may drag deformed parts across the platters scratching them. This will render your data unrecoverable!

My hard drive is dropped and whenever I plug in it asks me to format the Drive E? So is it possible to recover my files back ? It is possible the data can be recoverable, however you need to make sure not to power it up and send it to a Certified Data Recovery Company for help.

Platter damage

Data is stored magnetically on a platter surface or often multiple platter surfaces. One hard drive platter has two surfaces which are made out of either glass or aluminum. These platters are coated with several layers, which among them count a magnetic layer and a very thin lubrication film. Your hard drive creates magnetic fields over which the hard drives’ read / write heads hoover and read the magnetic impulse signal. The read and write heads are very small and exceptionally fragile. Drop or knock can cause a hard disk’s head to crash – the read/write head of the external hard drive came in contact with the platters. When this happens data layer on the platter may get damaged and data can be lost.

The heads might only briefly made contact with the platters but it is enough to make dings and scrape parts of the platter(s) or in case when contact with the platters is more intense it will create visible rings to platter surfaces – rotational scoring. In case when heads clamp down on the platters and block them from spinning, spindle motor seizes up and drive make beeping sound. We wrote previously about Beeping Seagate hard drives, beeping Western Digital portable drives and external Toshiba making beeping sound when heads get stuck to platters or when drive’s spindle motor no longer function.

Free Evaluations for External Hard Drive Data Recovery

In case your hard drive failed, our engineers will take a professional approach to evaluate the problem. We will provide you with a free media evaluation report before starting any recovery procedure.

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Improve your chances of a successful recovery? Immediately power off any data storage device that displays symptoms of a physical or logical failure and contact our office to get recommendations!

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