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Data Analyzers was contacted by the management team of the information technology department for a large correctional facility. This was a critical system failure that had affected one of the main storage solutions utilized by the correctional facility.They hosted a large amount of VMware virtual machines on a storage pool which was spanned across two EqualLogic Storage Area Networks. One of the SAN units failed due to a multi drive failure in the RAID-Array.

The two SAN’s each had a RAID controller with 16 drives attached and configured as RAID-50. Time was critical as no recent backups had been available and among other things the inmate database for both the correctional facility as well as the juvenile correction database was stored on this SAN configuration.After the management team had already spoken to Dell EqualLogic as well as several data recovery firms without a viable solution for recovery, they contacted Data Analyzers to see if we could possibly assist with the recovery of the complex storage pool. Data Analyzers had to deal with several factors in this situation. Firstly, the recovery was extremely time sensitive, therefore Data Analyzers needed to find the quickest route for a successful recovery.It is no secret in the data recovery industry that EqualLogic SAN devices are amongst the most complex to recover from, due to the proprietary file system and arrangements of data blocks and metadata. Data Analyzers has spent a significant amount of time and resources to understand and decipher the complexity of how data is stored on Enterprise SAN devices.

Therefore Data Analyzers has a proven track record of success when it comes to recovering data from EqualLogic SAN’s.

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