External Western Digital Drive Makes Beeping Noise

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Your Western Digital external hard drive is making beeping sounds? This may be very bad news! Often times portable drives suffer from shock after being dropped or accidentally bumped, many times while powered on and connected to the USB port.

My WD Hard Drive is Beeping

My Western Digital Passport Drive is broken, when I went to plug it in today, it makes 7 beeps, then 3, then another 3 sounds when connected.

Beeping is not a sound you want to hear coming from a external hard drive. In hard drives the beeping noise comes from the spindle motor usually being stuck with heads lying on platters. Yes, a hard drive can make beeping sounds due to electronic component failure, more often beeping is coming from the motor not being able to spin due to friction between heads (being stuck) and platters.

In normal operation, a spindle motor spins the hard disk platters inside at several thousand revolutions per minute. To read and write data to these platters, tiny read/write heads hover just nanometers from the platter surfaces. In cases when heads crash onto the platters, they can get stuck and clamp down on the platters.

WD Hard Drive is Beeping

WD My Passport drive in clean room with heads stuck to platters. Image below is a head ripped from an arm and remained stuck to platter surface.

Western Digital Drives Lifespan & Backup

If you’re not backing up you should start. Your computer’s drive will stop working eventually, and unless your data is backed up you may need to use Data Analyzers Data Recovery. Fortunately, backing up your data is easy, and getting started takes only a few minutes. Just backing up to one or the other isn’t enough which is why we recommend three copies made on two different kind of devices including one off-site. Replace your backup drives between the third and sixth year of use. Western Digital hard drives are most likely to fail either within the first 18 months of use or after three years. If you spend most of your time working at one desk, you should get a desktop external drive.

Western Digital (WD) External Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts

Our data recovery engineers are experts that have in-depth knowledge with WD hard drive data recovery including portable external Western Digital hard drives: My Passport Go, My Passport SSD, My Passport Ultra, My Passport Ultra for Mac, My Passport, My Passport for Mac, My Passport Wireless Pro, WD Gaming Drive works with PlayStation 4, My Passport X, WD Elements SE, WD Elements Portable as well as larger models such as: My Book, My Book Duo and WD Elements Desktop.

Data Analyzers invest in Research & Development to provide the most advanced data recovery techniques and ability. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and we have No Recovery, No Charge policy policy. Recover you data today, submit your case below.

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