How Data Analyzers Help Reducing e-Waste

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In modern world we wait in awe to see when the newest version of a digital gadget is coming out. But where do old obsolete devices end up? Electronic waste is the waste humans generate from broken, obsolete, or discarded electronics and can be just as harmful for the environment as any other waste material. These electronic products contain many toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, and other potent chemicals most of which not organically break down and can be absorbed by the atmosphere or contaminate groundwater. The United States produces more e-waste annually than any other country with 9.4 million tons!

How To Recycle a Device

When waste management recycling facility receives your electronic device, they go through a rigorous separation process. The device is first shredded to separate plastic from metal from glass. After that, it goes through further shredding to prepare for more in-depth sorting. As the metal is processed, an overhead magnet removes any iron or steel from the waste. This metal is then reused or sold as recycled materials. The remaining waste is separated further to copper, aluminum and other materials parts are separated from the remaining plastic. The final step is removing any metal scraps still in the mix from the plastic pieces. There are a variety of uses for electronic devices after they go through the recycling process. The most common use are pieces from the battery in your phone which can be used for a new battery. The pieces of plastic from computers are usually flame-retardant and thus become useful pieces for the coating on new devices. Metals can even be used as automotive parts!

Data Analyzer Data Recovery reuses some parts from the old hard drives! Parts such as magnets, logic boards, HSA and more can be used as donor parts for data recovery purposes. Other unusable parts and components are disassembled and recycled to scrap material while we separately recycle any data holding component such are platters extracting other valuable materials.

Hard disk drive platter composition

We only reuse hard drive parts after a client has safely gotten their data back and wanted the device destroyed rather than sent back to them or if customer bring / send their unwanted data storage device to 39 Skyline Dr, Lake Mary, Florida. We promote right-to-repair, teaching customers how minimal repair can keep their device usable and keep environment clean.


When your device is damaged or dead, don’t assume your data is lost, Data Analyzers provides data recovery services while we can destroy or recycle your device and parts.

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