How To Verify My Recovered Files

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In one of our previous articles we covered host drives. But before Data Analyzers’ engineers transfer your recovered data to a host drive you will receive an email message to verify recovered files. What should I do with it…and Why Is This Necessary?

Verify My Recovered Files

Data Analyzers generates a HTML based listing report using customized utility. This report covers all recovered files (which will eventually be transferred to a host drive). Here is a simple walk through of the file listing.

Screenshot of a Data Analyzers’ file recovery listing report

Once recovery of your data is completed you will receive a message in your email inbox with the following subject: info (at ) sent you files via WeTransfer. Open this message and follow the link just below: Download link section (click on this link) or right click followed by save as option.

Once downloaded (this may take several minutes depending on the listing size) open your listing report in your favorite internet browser.

Left panel contains folders starting from root (your case number – marked as gray here) while on the right side you can view listing of files within each selected folder on the left. Please note that these are not actual files but rather a listing of files we were able to recover. Total amount of recovered files will also be displayed in your listing.

I have not received HTML listing?

In some rare cases due to compatibility issues with certain file systems we will not be able to send you a HTML listing shown above but a simple text file with all recovered files listed within. Please open this file in any text editor and view recovered files. To learn more about Data Analyzers’ data recovery service click here.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 866-456-DATA. Thank you.

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