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A Cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Data recovery service providers use cleanrooms when hard drive mechanical components need to be repaired or inspected. Operations like head replacements, platter transplant, and spindle motor repair require a particle-free environment with specifications equivalent to the ones found in hard drive manufacturing facilities.

Although most DIYers preach about “the cleanroom scam” allegedly being made up and spread around by data recovery companies to justify “outrageous rates”, Data Analyzers uses this opportunity to point out again why it is important not to open a hard drive that contains important data in your living room but in environment such as our clean room. There are situations when DIYers can actually replace heads without a cleanroom and recover data like this person who: “swapped my HD platters twice now -successfully- using only a pair of latex gloves and a home air fan“! In the event that your data is not critical and you want to recover irrelevant movie folders or a bunch of music files, attempts like this one may be awesome and can save the day at times. The problem is you will likely have only one chance to do everything right, without previous training, tools or cleanroom. If you are looking into recovering data you can live without perhaps you should try; However, if your data is irreplaceable, like family photos, home videos, documents and business files we strongly recommend not to try this yourself!

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While we cannot have casual visitors in the Data Analyzers data recovery division lab or cleanroom, we recognize that there are many legitimate reasons to bring visitors to Data Analyzers HQ and our new cleanroom. This is particularly true for partners and associates; tours of the cleanroom are limited to valid technical visitors (sponsoring agencies, collaborators, prospective researchers, principal investigators, partners and associates) and must not include any demonstration or operation of equipment or processing steps. Casual visitors, friends and family can be shown around the public hallways. Visitors must sign in with the receptionist/administrative staff prior to the actual cleanroom/lab tour.

Data Analyzers receive a significant number of cases every day in which people have made several “attempts” too many before they realized that their data is too important and it is time for professionals to step in. For many of these cases, data is rendered unrecoverable due to severe device damage that has occurred during DIY attempts. For this and many other reasons, it is crucial to contact a data recovery lab like Data Analyzers when you experience data loss. Our certified Cleanroom gives us the specialized capabilities needed to recover from damaged and inaccessible drives without compromising your data. If you find yourself in this situation, contact Data Analyzers at 866-456-DATA!

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