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Even though summer 2018 is winding down, it is important to remember that things are still heating up! While the high temperatures may drive us to the pool or beach, we should be cautious in carrying our mobile devices, phones or cameras with us. Working in our field, we recognize that water and heat damage can often complicate recovery and sometimes render it impossible. To avoid data loss during summer here are few simple measures you can take to protect your mobile device this season.

Keep Track of Your Mobile Device

It may be unrealistic, while enjoying your summer to know where your phone is at all times. That being said there are several places that you can be sure to NOT leave it. Storing your phone in the car and away from the beach might seem like the clever option, but your car will only aid in keeping your phone extremely hot. We recommend that you keep it in your bag or stow it under some towels to keep it cool while you soak in the sun. This will cut the risk of overheating and prevent any water damage.

Know How to Keep It Cool

It is never a great idea to be reactive to your phone overheating, when you could have been proactive! If your phone feels warmer than usual, you would be wise to turn it off completely. If that is simply not an option, the best way to handle potential overheating is by use of a fan. Making sure to keep your phone away from multiple other hot devices will ensure that it is not absorbing any more outside heat than necessary.

Invest in Waterproofing and Protection Accessories

The most obvious way to be proactive about protecting your phone this summer is through water and sand proofing. Modern times have produced innovative ways to keep the elements from destroying your phone, and essentially, your data. Investing in a waterproof case, a beach towel with a zipper pouch, or an elevated phone caddy could make all the difference!

If all else fails and you can’t protect your phone with preventative measures, it is also important to know how to come back these types of damage. While you could try the old “water absorbing rice” method, you may be better off letting the professionals handle it. Remember that if your phone won’t turn on and you think that all is lost, it is likely that your data is not! The specialists at Data Analyzers recover data from overheated and water damaged mobile devices every day.

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