Password Protected Host Drive

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Data storage device, a drive ( hard drive or NAND flash based one) by default can be accessed by any computer it is plugged into, so if a external hard drive or USB flash stores important data it should be encrypted and password protected. Data Analyzers places password on every host drive leaving our lab (unless specified otherwise). It this article we are showing how to unlock or remove password altogether from a host drive.

In case when we provide the drive will be encrypted with a password to ensure the privacy of your data.

Usually for local pickups or when customer requested our engineers will leave your host without any protection. However by default all host drives will be password protected. Data Analyzers host drives have build-in encryption software making them extremely easy to use. At times we receive a call from a customer having issues opening password protected hosts so please continue reading.

Important note: Windows users please make sure you run unlocking software in “Administrator mode” > Right click – Run as administrator

Unlocking USB Flash Drive

After you received recovered data you will have to type the password to unlock the USB thumb drive:

  1. Insert USB drive to computer (Windows only)
  2. Wait until system installs the driver
  3. Open drive

Run SunDiskSecureAccessV….exe

Enter password (use hint)

Remove/Change the Password

When you open SanDisk Software navigate to:

Tools>Change password

Click OK
Click Update your security

Note: The best practice is to copy all data from encrypted flash drive to some other location before you are ready to view all your recovered files.

Unlocking External Host Hard Drive

After you received recovered data you will have to type the password to unlock the drive when:

  1. Drive is connected for the first time
  2. The computer is shut down or restarted
  3. The drive was disconnected and reconnected
  4. Depending on its configuration, the computer exits the sleep mode

Unlocking the drive with the WD Security software

WD Security software displays the Unlock Drive screen when:

  1. The computer restarts or or exits the sleep mode
  2. The user reconnect the drive if it is the only supported drive
  3. The user selects a locked drive. If there are more than one supported drive connected to the computer, select the one that you want to unlock to display the Unlock Drive dialog

Unlocking the drive without the WD Security software

Whenever a password-protected drive is connected to a computer that does not have the WD Security software installed, it’s possible to use the WD Drive Unlock utility to unlock the drive there. The WD Drive Unlock utility is on a virtual CD (VCD) drive that appears on the desktop display.




Open the WD Unlocker VCD icon and double-click the WD Drive Unlock application on the screen that appears to display the WD Drive Unlock utility screen. On the WD Drive Unlock utility screen:

Type the password in the Password box

Select the Enable auto unlock for this computer… check box if you want the WD Drive Unlock utility to remember the password on this computer

Click Unlock

Remove/Change the Password

Important: The WD Security software uses the password to electronically lock and unlock the drive. If you forget the password, you will not be able to access the data on the drive or write new data to it. You will have to erase the drive before you can use it again. – WDC Support

If there are more than one supported drive connected to the computer, select the one with the password that you want to change and for both removing and changing password dialog box is basically the same.

  1. Select the Change/Remove password option
  2. Type the current password in the Current Password box
  3. Type the new password in the New Password box, using up to 25 characters
  4. Retype the new password in the Verify Password box (only if you are changing password)
  5. Type a hint to help remember the new password in the Password Hint box
  6. Select or clear the Enable auto unlock for this computer… check box to signify whether you want the WD Security software to remember the new password for the selected drive on this computer.
  7. Click Update Security Settings

In case you are having issues unlocking a host drive call 866-456-DATA or visit Western Digital support page.