Seagate launched 16 TB Helium-based CMR Drive


Although not the first 16 TB drive publicly announced – Toshiba MG08 series was the first, last week Seagate launched their 16 TB conventional magnetic recording helium drive. These are available under two product lines – the Exos X for datacenters, and the IronWolf / IronWolf Pro for NAS units.

Exos X16

The Exos X16 is a 3.5″ 7200 RPM drives are SED (self-encrypting drive) with TDMR (two-dimensional magnetic recording) is currently the leading capacity point available across all HDD makers. New Seagate 16TB drives use nine platters and are available in both SATA 6Gbps and SAS 12Gbps versions.

According to Seagate 16TB like new Exos X16 delivers 33% additional storage per rack compared to the 12 TB variants – thereby reducing the TCO for datacenters. Essentially there are 5 models: Exos X16 16TB HDD SATA model ST16000NM001G, the dual-port SAS model ST16000NM002G, SED enabled SATA drive ST16000NM003G, SAS version of the same thing ST16000NM004G and SED FIPS SAS model ST16000NM009G if you are looking for drives to serve government agencies and other organizations with very strict security requirements.


The IronWolf Pro ST16000NE000 and the IronWolf ST16000VN001 are designed around Seagate’s AgileArray firmware for optimal reliability and scalability, with rotational-vibration sensors, advanced power management and error-recovery control.

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While Toshiba’s MG08 16TB series are not in the retail market Seagate’s 16TB drives are available for purchase today. Our data recovery engineers has extensive experience recovering data from failed Seagate hard drives regardless of model, capacity, firmware version, shape, size or technology used.

Data Analyzers offer advanced Seagate data recovery services to home users, small and medium size businesses, large corporations and enterprise level businesses as well as the government.

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