Toshiba External Hard Drive is Beeping

Toshiba HD Beeping

Your Toshiba external hard drive is beeping and it does feel like it is not working? Often times portable drives suffer from shock after being dropped or accidentally bumped, many times while powered on and connected to the USB port.

My Toshiba External Hard Drive is Beeping

Toshiba external hard drive makes beeping noise when plugged to power. It is also not detected with my laptop. I have tried changing ports. Please help!

Beeping comes from the spindle motor trying to spin up. It is definitely not a sound you want to hear coming from your external hard drive. So when you hear a Toshiba external hard drive beeping, this can potentially be a very bad news!

Although, a hard drive can start beeping due to a failure of its electronics more often beeping is coming from the motor not being able to spin due to friction between heads (being stuck) and platters.

In normal operation, a spindle motor spins the hard disk platters inside at several thousand revolutions per minute. To read and write data to these platters, tiny read/write heads hover just nanometers from the platter surfaces. In cases when heads crash onto the platters, they can get stuck and clamp down on the platters. Like stated above beeping sound actually comes from the spindle motor as it tries in vain to spin the platters.

Toshiba external hard drive opened in clean-room to find heads stuck to platters

Lifespan of Toshiba Hard Drives & Backup

If you’re not backing up you should start. Your computer’s drive will stop working eventually, and unless your data is backed up you may need to use Data Analyzers Data Recovery. Fortunately, backing up your data is easy, and getting started takes only a few minutes. Just backing up to one or the other isn’t enough which is why we recommend three copies made on two different kind of devices including one off-site. Replace your backup drives between the third and sixth year of use. Toshiba hard drives are most likely to fail either within the first 18 months of use or after three years. If you spend most of your time working at one desk, you should get a desktop external drive.

Toshiba External Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery engineers are experts that have vast experience when it comes to recovering data from Toshiba hard drives including portable Toshiba hard drives such as: Canvio® Basics, Canvio® Advance, Canvio® Premium and Canvio® Premium for Mac.

Trusted by individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500’s Data Analyzers is recognized as the exclusive US representative of the Global Data Recovery Alliance which is the world’s first and only professional association of independent commercial data recovery experts.

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