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Data Analyzers Data Recovery provides small & medium size businesses with an excellent set of options for data recovery. We operate 20+ receiving centers across the United States, and our teams are always ready to help you keep you systems running after an unexpected disaster.
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Why should businesses use Data Analyzers data recovery services?

  1. Fully certified Class 100 Clean-room facility
  2. Personalized attention
  3. Constant Research & Development to provide the most advanced data recovery techniques and ability.
  4. Member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  5. Trusted by individuals, businesses and the government.

Businesses depend on hard drives, servers and other data storage devices, and sudden media failures can have serious consequences. Fortunately, experienced data recovery engineers at Data Analyzers can successfully treat most damaged computer systems in a matter of days, restoring inaccessible files and preventing serious productivity losses.

Direct access to our Data Recovery Engineers

We pride ourselves in the quality and capability of our data recovery engineers. Our team consists of a multicultural engineering group including some of the brightest minds in the field from Germany, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United States. Our team is carefully selected during an Annual event called the Hacktacular, in which Data Analyzers tests the capabilities of potential employees. In addition every member undergoes an extensive background check an adheres to the highest standards of ethics.

100% Confidential and Private

We understand that your data is private and that you may have concerns about others viewing your data. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we guarantee to keep your data 100% confidential. As we also perform computer forensic investigations, in which the evidence often has to be presented in court, therefore we have to ensure extra precautions for security, to limited accessibility and ensure confidentiality.

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