Data Analyzers LLC has joined the Better Business Bureau


Data Analyzers, LLC ( in Orlando, Florida has joined the Better Business Bureau.  Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Data Analyzers is one of the very few companies in the state, qualified to perform Data Recovery from physically damaged hard drives and the new NAND technology media which is your flash drives, SSD cards, SD cards etc.

Data Analyzers computer forensic division specializes in the forensic acquisition and analysis of Desktop Computers, Laptop’s, Apple MacBook’s, Servers, Cell phones, Blackberries, I-phones and other digital storage devices. Providing services to law enforcement, law firms, independent corporations and individuals alike.

The company has been founded in order to fill the void of local high level expertise in the areas of data recovery and computer forensics. Proprietary industry and custom tools allows Data Analyzers LLC to alter hard drive firmware, remove ATA passwords and perform factory specific drive functions for Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Toshiba and IBM/Hitachi drives.

The need and the little knowledge of availability of these services is what is driving Data Analyzers to educate the population of the regular people that do not know of its existence.  We want people to know where to go and be educated before they need the services.

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