Louisiana flood victims look to Data Analyzers for data recovery assistance

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ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 19, 2016

As residents and businesses in Louisiana urgently need help now, volunteers assist in the relief efforts. The affected areas include but are not limited to East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa.

Due to the flooding in the stricken state, thousands have been displaced and homes have been destroyed. This devastating event took many by surprise and evacuations had to be taken quickly. Many residents have lost precious and irreplaceable family memories stored on their mobile phones now submerged in water, while small businesses have suffered critical data loss of their client and accounting data due to this disaster.

Data Analyzers has received calls from small business owners and residents alike that are in desperate need to have their data restored. Those who have experienced a loss from the severe storm are advised to not attempt to power on any device that has suffered any kind of water exposure as further damage can occur.

In an attempt to assist with relief efforts, Data Analyzers, LLC is offering 30% discount on any data recovery for single hard drives, smartphones and RAID systems damaged by water, mud, moisture, electrical surges, for the affected areas.

To start the data recovery process, call Data Analyzers at 866-456-3282. Or visit www.dataanalyzers.com for more information.

This discounted data recovery service will be applied up till September 30, 2016 and may be extended if the situations require it. Discount applies to one recovery per person or per business.

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Data Analyzers is a data recovery leader that has a proven track record of providing data recovery services to consumers, small businesses, large corporations as well as law enforcement. Data Analyzers has developed cutting edge raid and storage server recovery techniques as well as some of the most innovative mobile phone recovery processes.

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